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Joining narratives and music to tell your story

Playcasts: Episode 1


Join us as we talk with Zack Herringshaw as he tells us a little about what inspires him and how he began his journey into real estate.

Playcasts: Episode 2


Join us as we talk with Nathan Waldron, an ex-financial advisor turned Bitcoin maximalist.

Playcasts: Episode 3


Join us as we talk to Brando Commando about music in public education and how he attempts to develop transferrable skills in his students that are useable in the real music world.

Playcasts: Episode 4


Today, we talk with Tyler "Steezy" Herringshaw, DJ and founder of Steezy Incorporated about electronic music and the world of DJing.

Playcasts: Episode 5


Join us as we talk with SugaTush, founder of the burlesque dance troupe The Glam Vamps, about the world of burlesque and Buffalo, NY.

Playcasts: Episode 6


Learn a little bit about Twitch streaming and one man's mission to bridge the gap between education and gaming as we talk with Soak himself from The Noodle Clan.

Playcasts: Episode 8

JP Lambiase

Join us today as we talk with JP Lambiase from Hellthy Junkfoods and learn a little about him and what it's like to be a Youtuber.

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