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One of the Fastest Growing DOOH Media Networks in the USA

Within the ever-changing sphere of advertising, Dolphin emerges as an innovative digital out-of-home (OOH) screen provider. With a widespread network of over 3500 digital screens throughout the United States, Dolphin is transforming how brands forge connections with their constantly moving target audiences.

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Screen Investor

Generate revenue with our cutting-edge advertising display ownership program by owning a high-tech screen strategically placed in high-traffic locations. Let your screen become a dynamic platform for targeted advertisements, creating a win-win situation for you and advertisers alike. Visit our store to become an investor now.

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Store Partner

Transform your business environment with our state-of-the-art display integration service. Utilize a powerful screen within your premises to engage customers, showcase promotions, and enhance the overall ambiance. We provide revenue-generating advertisements turning the screen into a profit center.

Zero Waste Store

Field Agent

SST Media Group is seeking field agents to place Dolphin screens in retail locations. Approved placements earn agents $100 per screen. Join our team and help bring innovative advertising to the retail space.

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